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 Pacific White-sided Dolphin found on Mile 97
Pacific White-sided dolphin.
Photo ©2007 Diane and Dave Bilderback.
Stormy gusts blew the cold rain horizontally as the South Coast Striders began their four-mile beach walk from China Creek to the South Jetty of the Coquille River on February 24th, 2007. The hike was led by CoastWatcher, Don Luce. As the group approached the rough surf, a strange shape loomed up in the wash. It was a fresh carcass of a female Pacific White-sided Dolphin.
These dolphins have an average length of seven feet and weight of 210 pounds. They prefer the open ocean and are commonly seen in groups of 10 to 50 surfing the waves, catching wakes and riding bow waves. Using their senses of touch, sight and echo-location, dolphins are effective hunters of squid, anchovies and other small fish. After two days on the beach, the ocean reclaimed its acrobat of the sea.
SOURCE: Dave Bilderback, Coos County Co-Coordinator, (541) 347-1335
Contact: White-sided Dolphin