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 LUBA: Tidewater May Apply for Wedderburn In-stream Mining
Tidewater Sand and Gravel wants to re-open, and possibly expand, its instream gravel mining operation at the Wedderburn site on the north bank of the Rogue River. To do that, they had to get Curry County to agree that the site is not in an"estuary natural" management designation in the Comprehensive Plan, which prohibits mining. The Curry County Board of Commissioners agreed with Tidewater in a series of hearings in 2009. Oregon Shores, Kalmiopsis Audubon Society and Curry Sportfishing Association appealed Curry County's decision.
Unfortunately, LUBA upheld the County's decision on all points. Though LUBA agreed with us on some of the tax lot designations, they held that it was ultimately unimportant to the larger question of whether the County could rely on the Comprehensive Plan for guidance, as the estuary maps are exceedingly imprecise. This problem is aggravated by the estuary's constant shifting.
What's next? This decision does not give Tidewater the right to mine at the Wedderburn site. It only allows Tidewater to apply to Curry County for a permit to mine again at Wedderburn. If they do apply, and if the County grants a permit, Tidewater would still have to acquire permits from the state (Department of State Lands, most likely), and also from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Since there are federally-threatened salmon in the estuary, the Corps will also have to undertake a consultation with the National Marine Fisheries Service concerning any permit proposal.
So while we are disappointed in this decision, it will be a long time before we know if Tidewater will ever mine again at the Wedderburn site. There will be many permits and hearings (none currently scheduled) before any activity takes place, and many opportunities to further participate in public processes that protect the Rogue River's extremely important estuary and salmon habitat.
For more information:
2/9/2010: LUBA's Decision regarding Tidewater's Wedderburn site
12/9/2008: DOGAMI letter to ACOE regarding Regional General Permit concept for gravel mining

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