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MILE 103 on 9/16/06   -   L MAINE
LOCATIONCoos  •  Bullards Beach just north of the Lighthouse
CONDITIONSSaturday  •  Sunny  •  Wind: Moderate from the SW
HUMANSPeople: 33
ACTIVITIESWalking/running: 13  •  sitting in chairs on the beach near cars and pickups
CONCERNSPeople/dogs in closure areas  •  Apparent violations: lots of dogs running loose
VEHICLESCars/Trucks on beach, allowed: 2  •  ATVs/OHVs on beach, allowed: 5
ACTIV.COMMENTSAccess road to whiskey Run has been improved enough that now street vehicles (not 4 wheel drives) can drive the beach
DEAD BIRDSTotal: 1  •  Species/names: Murre 1
DRIFTLINEAnimal casings  •  Kelp/Algae
crab pot bouys and rope
NEW DEVELOPMENTlots of fresh water from golf course watering
MODIFICATIONSlots of smaller dunes on ocean side of sea wall
NATURAL CHANGESlots of small dunes due to hard winds
COMMENTSPicked up bouys and rope - Today is beach cleanup day and I did not see even one person cleaning the beach. I walked from Lighthouse to Bullards rest room area and didn't see any beach cleanup. I drove from whiskey Run entrance to check including my #305 mile and everything was very quiet except for numerous pickups driving whiskey Run to Cut Creek.
SUMMARYKelp and crab castings in driftline. Foraging shorebirds in driftline. One dead Common Murre. Removed crab pot buoys and rope in driftline. Many transverse dunes on beach. Fresh water creeks flowing because of golf-course watering. Heavy human use (33+)- 13 walking, 20+ in vehicles, many dogs not on leash, 7 vehicles within allowed area.
OBSERVERL Maine [NO EMAIL]  •  REPORT PUBLISHED 1/25/07 6:08 AM  •  EDITED 2/15/07 11:03 AM